let me breath

Stephanie sat on the couch at her dad’s house watching the kid’s channel,  itching to get out of her work clothes, and get ready for the night out. Tonight she would forget about work, and most of all, forget about Steve.

Screenshot-86Her dad came downstairs.

“Okay sorry bout that Steph I had an important call from work…Hey Olivia you wanna go pick up some DVD’s and a pizza?”

Screenshot-89“yeah!” Olivia smiled ear to ear.

Even when Stephanie had nowhere to go, Olivia often stayed at her granddad’s on friday nights. They both loved that time together.

Screenshot-97Stephanie gave Olivia a kiss. “Ill pick you up around noon, okay? I love you.”

“Bye mommy, have fun.”

Screenshot-98“Be safe Steph. don’t have too much fun, and you know what I mean.”

“daaad,” she said slightly annoyed. “I’ll be okay.”

Her Dad was still protective of her. That was his little girl, and always would be no matter how old. They had always been close, since her mother died when she was a little girl. It was just him, Stephanie, and her brother Michael.

“Okay I’m going now. Don’t worry.” She said while giving him an assuring hug.

Screenshot-90Stephanie felt bittersweet about this whole ordeal, she knew her dumb boyfriend Steve was going to blow up her phone but she vowed to herself and her friends she would just ignore it. Afterall, tonight was supposed to be drama free.

But, of corse, it never happens that way when planned. Steve was waiting for her in his parked car at Marissa’s house. She had packed all her things before work to avoid facing him, but he just couldnt make it easy on her.


Let’s just get this over with. She thought. They both got out of their cars.

“what the hell are you doing, Steph…huh?”

“what does it look like Im doing, Steven, I’m just trying to live a little, is that okay with you?”


“You never just not come home and dont tell me shit.”

Was her serious? “Oh you mean like you do? I can’t do this shit Steve, it’s too much for me. Besides it’s a bad example for Olivia.”

“She’s 6, she doesnt understand why we argue, and that her mother is stubborn, and doesnt know how to act.”


“are you kidding me? Look I am not going to do this right now. Not here in front of Marissa’s house. I wish you would just get it, I don’t want to be with you!” she blurted out. She felt as if she had reached her boiling point, enough was enough.

“I’d say 5 days out of the week you’re out partying and don’t come home at all, and who knows what you’re doing, Steve. I have put up with your shit for too long, and I’m done.”


“Fine, you know what, you do what you wanna do. I’m goin out tonight too, and I’m getting my shit out the house, okay? happy? You ain’t that fine anyway”

He stormed off, slammed his door and sped off.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. His little hissy fits were so mature. She had only wished he was for real this time, but that was very, very unlikely. As for Stephanie? She was so for real…


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~ by dulcelovee on October 14, 2009.

One Response to “let me breath”

  1. ooohh, the drama! I find it really captivating, this story reminds my of my sister…lol

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