Sunset Valley resembled a tranquil and exotic getaway, with aqua blue waters, white sand beaches, mild temperatures, and warm breezes.  For most people, it was a place for vacation and relaxation.


For Stephanie Calivari, it was anything but. She longed for that feeling of serenity. She longed to paint again, let her hair down, and take in the sea air.

Stephanie worked as a secretary at a law firm in the heart of Sunset Valley.  Sounds normal, sure not the most exciting of jobs, it paid the bills.  But her boss was sleazy, the other secretaries were jealous bitches and gave her dirty looks and spread rumors like wild fires. 

Screenshot-12Not to mention her boyfriend was of no support. He’s a mean spirited, childish party animal type, but for some reason Stephanie just couldn’t get away. It’s almost as if she was too busy to give a damn. Or just that–she didn’t really give a damn. She had been in this relationship for 3 years and the moment she came close to breaking things off with him, he gave her promises of love and happiness. But there was none of that.

He started out as just a rebound when the father of her child took off, and from there she felt like she needed him, and started to believe that maybe thats just the way that things were supposed to be. He became more and more like the annoying roommate that won’t leave, rather than her love interest. It was almost easier to just stay with the guy, then hear “but baby I need you” and “no other guy will want you”.

Screenshot-14 All she really had was her 6-year-old daughter, Olivia.  At only 22 years old, Steph was the most selfless and devoted mother to her child. She always came first, and made a promise to herself and her child that it would always be that way. Stephanie was Oliva’s best friend, and protective, loving mother at the same time.



Stephanie just needed some time to breath. A night out with her girl friends was just what she needed…perhaps it could present a twist of fate…

next: let me breath


~ by dulcelovee on October 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Intro”

  1. Love it! Really nice photos! Very creative, I’ll be checking you page to keep up on the story.

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