Stephanie ended up going to a club with Marissa and Daniella  after the bistro which explains why she woke up with a pounding headache. To top it off, Steve was right next to her, sprawled out in her bed.


She decided to let him sleep while she took a shower and got ready before he had to pack his things and get out, but guilt took over.  Where was he going to go?  He didn’t have a job, or family to go to. And his friends were just as big of losers as he was.

The phone rang. It was Justin letting her know he was going to pick her up around six. Steve walked in while she was on the phone with him. Not wanting to cause problems, she nervously blurted out “ok, bye dad, love you.” and hung up the phone.


…leaving Justin, quite confused.


Steve turned to her, forcing himself to apologize. “Steph Im sorry about yesterday, okay.”

“well, we’re still not together, but you can stay til you get a job and a place to stay.”

Steve thought nothing of this. He figured that he could win his girl back, easily. It wasn’t over for him. And he would stop at nothing.

Stephanie wondered how she was going to pull off having her ex boyfriend living with her while her date was going to be picking her up in a few hours. She feared that if Justin knew about it, he wouldnt want to see her again, which was understandable. She also didnt want to cause anymore drama with Steve. If he found out she was seeing another man, he would flip. Even though she couldnt stand Steve, she still cared for him deep down. Her intentions were not to hurt him, no matter how much he had hurt her in the past.

Stephanie texted Justin “lets meet up”

Justin didnt understand what was going on, but he was really looking forward to getting to know this girl so he replied “ok. meet me at recurve strand.”

Six o’clock rolled around, and Stephanie pulled up to the secluded beach area. Justin had a picnic set up in the sand, under the sunset. It was so beautiful.


“wow this is so nice, thank you.”  stephanie said while sitting down.

“Hey. You look beautiful” Justin said gazing at her.

Stephanie blushed, and the feelings she felt the night before came over her again.


With him, Stephanie felt at peace. She took in the beautiful scenery and the intoxicating sound of the waves rolling in.  This was the sunset Valley she knew and loved. She hadn’t felt this way in–well she hadnt felt this way at all. 

They talked for hours. They had so much in common,  it was perfect. Stephanie felt so right with him, and felt blessed for getting the opportunity to meet somebody so amazing. And he was just so damn fine.


Evening turned into night. Justin leaned close to her lips, the perfect opportunity for a kiss.  It was the most synchronized  kiss, like it was meant to happen, right then and there.  It was sensory overload for Stephanie, with the sound of the waves, the feeling of his sweet lips on hers, his irresistable scent, and his warm, strong hand, firmly pressed against her body.   It was almost too much to handle.  She wanted him so bad at this point she didnt care about anything but this. This feeling of security and content, and lust, and this connection she had with Justin.


She wanted so badly to lay him down on the blanket and have her way with him. But she fought the feeling.


NOTHING else mattered.

Meanwhile, Steve went upstairs to use the computer. He noticed Stephanie had left her phone, and he decided to look through it to see what she was up to…



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~ by dulcelovee on October 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “date”

  1. I have a stupid question for you. Um. How did you get Stephanie’s . . . “figure” so big? I’ve seen a couple of mods for body shapes, but have not tried one yet. Which do you use?

    Love your sets, you have a knack for decorating houses.

    • i use the breast sliders at mts. some clothes make them look ginormous though. haha. and thank you! although most of my houses are downloaded, i just redecorate the inside and add clutter here and there to make it look more lived in.

  2. Oh no, what is Steve up to?! He seems totally crazed and obsessed! Now I’m worried for Steph!! I hope Justin woops Steve’s but!! lol jk
    On another note, have you had the problem of your sims’ hair reverting to a default when in the shower? I too use the breast sliders..but I doubt that’s the reason why it happen. Either way, it drives me nuts!!
    Have you gone to see the “outtake photos” on my Flickr account? If not, take a look, I think some of the shots are really nice-something about Sims 3 allows every photo to turn out just right!
    God..I type too much! lol Will be waiting eagerly for your next update. Your friend, DiDi

    • oh yeah! the hairs do that its so annoying. I havent really thought about if it was the sliders or not.

      and yes, steve is very pocessive.

      I agree, I love sims 3 photos, even with the lack of hacks and poses. The game really has amazing potential to be way better than ts2, imo.

      I am going to check out those photos now. Thats funny I was going to add a bloopers type of section here. some of the things that happen while trying to shoot a scene is hilarious.

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