Steve could feel his blood boil as he jogged through the path to recurve strand.  When he got to the beach he faced his worst nightmare.


He wanted so badly to run up to them and punch Justin in the face and grab Stephanie and choke her and ask her “why bitch, why”, but instead he had a plan. This was his only hope. His girl was right in front of him with another man. And she looked happy to be there with him. He couldnt let this go on any further, and being irrational only drove Stephanie away. He could hear her laughter and voice faintly but he couldnt make out what was said.  He turned away, slipping off into the dark pathway back home, unnoticed. He knew what he had to do.


The night grew colder, and morning was nearing.

“I should go” stephanie said.  No matter how badly she wanted the night to last forever, it couldnt.

Justin kissed her again, combing his fingers through her hair, sending shivers down her spine.


“I’ll text you” Justin said.

Shit. She thought. That entire time she was so lost in the moment she didnt even realize she forgot her phone. She drove faster than normal not knowing what to excpect when she walked through the door. She just knew Steve all too well. He loved to snoop around on Steph, and was the extremley jealous type.

“Goodnight Steph”

“Nite Justin.”

When she got home Steve was sound asleep on the couch.


Phew…safe. Or so she thought.

The next morning, Stephanie notcied Steve was dressed nicely and ready for the day.

“I’m going job hunting today.”


Stephanie was impressed. Too bad she couldn’t see past that fake smile.

I just have to give her what she wants, for a little longer. Steve thought. Then on friday, I do it…

Later on that week after work,  Stephanie went to pick up Olivia from Marissa’s. Olivia went to Marissa’s straight after school everyday along with Darnell, Marissa’s son.  Olivia and Darnell were best friends, just like their mothers. They played while Stephanie and Marissa talked.


“I can’t believe how much Steve is changing. I mean, I didnt expect this at all. He’s waking up early, looking for work, cleaning up after himself…”

“Of corse, he’s cooperating, girl he’s trying to get you back.” Marissa said.

“I don’t know. He seems okay with the whole thing. I mean, he’s upset, he says he wants to be with me but he understands.”

“wow that does not sound like Steve…he’s actually being rational?”

“Yeah! It’s crazy. I guess he just came to his senses.”


“well, have you told him about Justin?”

“hell no. Don’t think I will til he moves out, and moves on a little.”

“what about Justin? have you told him about steve?”

“no, but I think I’m going to tell him tonight. I’m just hoping he still wants to see me after I tell him.”

“I don’t know, Steph, but he seems like he’d be understanding.”


“yeah.” Stephanie smiled.


She was falling for Justin more and more everyday. If she wasn’t out with him, they were on the phone til early in the morning, or chatting online. But at the same time she felt bad for pushing Steve away when he was finally doing good. She no longer had romantic feelings for Steve but the new him was quite appealing. It was hard to be mad at someone who was trying to get their act together.

But little did she know, it was all apart of his sick little plan…

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  1. dun dun duunn ….I can’t wait to read the next chapter!

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