Stephanie Calivari

Traits: Artistic, family oriented, hopeless romantic, great kisser, good sense of humor

food: tri-tip steak, color: purple, music: latin


liOlivia Calivari; daughter of Stephanie

Traits: Ambitious, artistic, neat

Food: hot dogs, color: green, music: Indie



dadRuben Calivari (dad); Father of Stephanie

traits: Ambitious, angler, brave, family oriented, loves the outdoors

Food: lobster thermidor, color:black, music:indie




Michael Calivari; Brother of Stephanie

Traits: athletic, brave, daredevil, virtuoso, flirty

food: stu surprise, color:red, music: indie



marissaMarissa Ferrero; bestfriend of Stephanie

traits: flirty, friendly, lucky, schmoozer, party animal

food:spaghetti, color:violet, music:electronica



daniellaDaniella Bell; best friend number 2 of Stephanie

Traits: charasmatic, great kisser, hopeless romantic, flirty, virtuoso

food: cookies, color: pink, music:pop



assfaceSteve DeLong; “boyfriend” of Stephanie

Traits: mean spirited, party animal, childish, couch potatoe, handy (hey, had to make him useful, somehow.)

food:cheesesteak, color: grey, music:custom




Traits: good sense of humor, athletic, natural cook, great kisser, charasmatic

Food: tri-tip steak, color: blue, music: custom


2 Responses to “Characters”

  1. I love all your characters!!!!
    Marissa is HOTT!!!!
    Please write more soon!

  2. Just came across your blog, 2 years after you started it and now I am going to sit down and enjoy it.

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