almost a year later…

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Im back! but im sure I have lost my loyal readers. *sniff* I tried everything to save Stephanie and the rest but that whole saved game is gone forever. =( i have thought about remaking everyone and everything but it was just too much for me and i wouldnt be able to get the characters as they were. I am so upset, as I had big plans for the story and I was really enjoying it. My game wouldn’t start up for a long time, so I had to re-install my game and lost it all. Now Im back, starting fresh with a new laptop, plus I got WA finally (yay!).  But boooo I cant get it to run without crashing when I try to move in a family. I’m ready to tear my hair out goin through my mods folder. I plan on finishing Take me away still, in time, but I will have to make everyone look different, and will probably take new pics to match up with the new ones. I also have a new story in the works. I’m so anxious to get in game and take pics…


Take Me Away

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I know its been a month since I have updated. I have been kinda busy wit rl, but I still love this story very much and plan on continuing it, just not sure when.  I will definitely let you all know. =) And thank you so much for reading.

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the plan

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Stephanie sat at the park across the street from Justin’s work, waiting for him to go on his lunch break. Today she was going to tell him about Steve, but it was going to be harder than she thought. She had already told him about him, but not that he was living with her.

She saw him making his way over to her.


“whats up, Steph. gimmie some sugar” he said.

she couldnt say no to this so she leaned in to him and kissed him. He looked so hot in his work clothes.


“I have to talk to you bout something…”

“yeah? whats up?” he looked slightly concerned.

She went over it in her head a hundred times but still had trouble telling him.


“My ex boyfriend is living with me…” she blurted out.

Justin slightly pulled away. He had no response for about a minute and asked “why didnt you just tell me this from the beginning?”

“oh you mean like when we first met, hey Im Stephanie and I live with my ex-boyfriend…” she joked.


He knew all about Steve’s ways and this concerned him. “after what he did to you, you’re letting him stay?”

“I  know I should have told you sooner, but look, I didnt think he was going to be staying with me. I was planning on kicking him out, but I can’t be that mean. But the good news is…he got a job! He’ll be out in two weeks he said. ”

Justin didnt speak.

“Are you mad.?”

He pulled her in. “nah. It sucks, but I understand. And, I trust you.” His lips brushed her ear and she got goosebumps all over.


She thought about this. Oddly enough, it had only been a week since they met, and she trusted him too. She had very serious trust issues, but there was just something about him.

Later on that night Stephanie got ready to go out with Daniella and Marissa. Oh, and Steve. Yes, Steve. He had this idea that since he found a job they should celebrate and hang out before he moved out. Stephanie was reluctant to say yes, but figured it would be okay, since there would be others with them.

They ended having a great night, laughing dancing, and drinking. Well, the half of the night that she could remember at least…




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Steve could feel his blood boil as he jogged through the path to recurve strand.  When he got to the beach he faced his worst nightmare.


He wanted so badly to run up to them and punch Justin in the face and grab Stephanie and choke her and ask her “why bitch, why”, but instead he had a plan. This was his only hope. His girl was right in front of him with another man. And she looked happy to be there with him. He couldnt let this go on any further, and being irrational only drove Stephanie away. He could hear her laughter and voice faintly but he couldnt make out what was said.  He turned away, slipping off into the dark pathway back home, unnoticed. He knew what he had to do.


The night grew colder, and morning was nearing.

“I should go” stephanie said.  No matter how badly she wanted the night to last forever, it couldnt.

Justin kissed her again, combing his fingers through her hair, sending shivers down her spine.


“I’ll text you” Justin said.

Shit. She thought. That entire time she was so lost in the moment she didnt even realize she forgot her phone. She drove faster than normal not knowing what to excpect when she walked through the door. She just knew Steve all too well. He loved to snoop around on Steph, and was the extremley jealous type.

“Goodnight Steph”

“Nite Justin.”

When she got home Steve was sound asleep on the couch.


Phew…safe. Or so she thought.

The next morning, Stephanie notcied Steve was dressed nicely and ready for the day.

“I’m going job hunting today.”


Stephanie was impressed. Too bad she couldn’t see past that fake smile.

I just have to give her what she wants, for a little longer. Steve thought. Then on friday, I do it…

Later on that week after work,  Stephanie went to pick up Olivia from Marissa’s. Olivia went to Marissa’s straight after school everyday along with Darnell, Marissa’s son.  Olivia and Darnell were best friends, just like their mothers. They played while Stephanie and Marissa talked.


“I can’t believe how much Steve is changing. I mean, I didnt expect this at all. He’s waking up early, looking for work, cleaning up after himself…”

“Of corse, he’s cooperating, girl he’s trying to get you back.” Marissa said.

“I don’t know. He seems okay with the whole thing. I mean, he’s upset, he says he wants to be with me but he understands.”

“wow that does not sound like Steve…he’s actually being rational?”

“Yeah! It’s crazy. I guess he just came to his senses.”


“well, have you told him about Justin?”

“hell no. Don’t think I will til he moves out, and moves on a little.”

“what about Justin? have you told him about steve?”

“no, but I think I’m going to tell him tonight. I’m just hoping he still wants to see me after I tell him.”

“I don’t know, Steph, but he seems like he’d be understanding.”


“yeah.” Stephanie smiled.


She was falling for Justin more and more everyday. If she wasn’t out with him, they were on the phone til early in the morning, or chatting online. But at the same time she felt bad for pushing Steve away when he was finally doing good. She no longer had romantic feelings for Steve but the new him was quite appealing. It was hard to be mad at someone who was trying to get their act together.

But little did she know, it was all apart of his sick little plan…

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Stephanie ended up going to a club with Marissa and Daniella  after the bistro which explains why she woke up with a pounding headache. To top it off, Steve was right next to her, sprawled out in her bed.


She decided to let him sleep while she took a shower and got ready before he had to pack his things and get out, but guilt took over.  Where was he going to go?  He didn’t have a job, or family to go to. And his friends were just as big of losers as he was.

The phone rang. It was Justin letting her know he was going to pick her up around six. Steve walked in while she was on the phone with him. Not wanting to cause problems, she nervously blurted out “ok, bye dad, love you.” and hung up the phone.


…leaving Justin, quite confused.


Steve turned to her, forcing himself to apologize. “Steph Im sorry about yesterday, okay.”

“well, we’re still not together, but you can stay til you get a job and a place to stay.”

Steve thought nothing of this. He figured that he could win his girl back, easily. It wasn’t over for him. And he would stop at nothing.

Stephanie wondered how she was going to pull off having her ex boyfriend living with her while her date was going to be picking her up in a few hours. She feared that if Justin knew about it, he wouldnt want to see her again, which was understandable. She also didnt want to cause anymore drama with Steve. If he found out she was seeing another man, he would flip. Even though she couldnt stand Steve, she still cared for him deep down. Her intentions were not to hurt him, no matter how much he had hurt her in the past.

Stephanie texted Justin “lets meet up”

Justin didnt understand what was going on, but he was really looking forward to getting to know this girl so he replied “ok. meet me at recurve strand.”

Six o’clock rolled around, and Stephanie pulled up to the secluded beach area. Justin had a picnic set up in the sand, under the sunset. It was so beautiful.


“wow this is so nice, thank you.”  stephanie said while sitting down.

“Hey. You look beautiful” Justin said gazing at her.

Stephanie blushed, and the feelings she felt the night before came over her again.


With him, Stephanie felt at peace. She took in the beautiful scenery and the intoxicating sound of the waves rolling in.  This was the sunset Valley she knew and loved. She hadn’t felt this way in–well she hadnt felt this way at all. 

They talked for hours. They had so much in common,  it was perfect. Stephanie felt so right with him, and felt blessed for getting the opportunity to meet somebody so amazing. And he was just so damn fine.


Evening turned into night. Justin leaned close to her lips, the perfect opportunity for a kiss.  It was the most synchronized  kiss, like it was meant to happen, right then and there.  It was sensory overload for Stephanie, with the sound of the waves, the feeling of his sweet lips on hers, his irresistable scent, and his warm, strong hand, firmly pressed against her body.   It was almost too much to handle.  She wanted him so bad at this point she didnt care about anything but this. This feeling of security and content, and lust, and this connection she had with Justin.


She wanted so badly to lay him down on the blanket and have her way with him. But she fought the feeling.


NOTHING else mattered.

Meanwhile, Steve went upstairs to use the computer. He noticed Stephanie had left her phone, and he decided to look through it to see what she was up to…



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Stephanie and her friends Marissa and Daniella just finished their dinner at the local bistro and now were talking and having drinks.

“Okay, so your boyfriend is officially psycho.” Marissa said while Stephanie’s phone went off for the third time. She wanted so bad to turn it off but she couldnt in case Olivia needed her.

“he’s not my boyfriend, we broke up.”


“sure…how many times have you guys broken up anyway?” Daniella joked.

Stephanie sighed. “It’s complicated.”

As Stephanie sipped her wine she noticed a man across the way looking at her.


I have got to speak to this woman. He thought. To him, she was the most stunning beauty he had ever seen. Her big honey colored eyes seemed to draw him in instantly, it was as if he could see into her soul. Her friends did not exist, all he could see was her, those eyes, those soft glossy lips, her smooth, olive complexion. But what also drew him in was her laugh her voice, her spirit.


She glanced at him but immediately pulled away when she noticed him looking. He was extremely attractive, his stare was captivating, not creepy.  He had a presence about him, that was so alluring, and she watched him.  She didn’t understand why she was so drawn to him, but the attraction was undeniable.


Stephanie excused herself to the bathroom and when she came back, he started making his way to their table. A million thoughts ran through her head, but she kept her cool.


“sorry for interrupting, but i just had to tell you, that wow, you are absolutely beautiful. And if you have a boyfriend please forgive me, but what is your name?”

He was normally such a smooth talker, but he couldn’t find the words to say to Stephanie.

Stephanie was so happy and so mad at the same time. The timing was awful, since she had just broken up with her boyfriend. She looked over to her friends for approval. Marissa smiled.


“It’s Stephanie.”

“Nice to meet you, Stephanie, I’m Justin”

“well, me and Daniella are going to go inside for drinks.” they both got up so the two of them could talk. Marissa got up, and grabbed Daniella.


And thats just what they did. They talked for about an hour and there was instant chemistry between the two. She found out that he was a head chef at the bistro they were at. She also found out that he was funny, charming and just what she wanted.


He found out that she was everything he thought she was, and more.


“I should get back to my friends, but…I really want to see you again.” Stephanie said.

“How about tomorrow night? I’m off.”

“ok, sounds great.”


What was this sudden feeling of lust and longing that came over her? She wanted him and it was an uncontrollable feeling. Perhaps it was his soft smile, so warm and inviting.  His gentle hand gestures when he spoke, his charisma. She suddenly felt guilty for bringing a guy into her messy life, but she figured she was just going to have some fun, it didnt have to be anything serious…

Her thoughts were muffled by her phone vibrating again. 7 missed calls from Steve.


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let me breath

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Stephanie sat on the couch at her dad’s house watching the kid’s channel,  itching to get out of her work clothes, and get ready for the night out. Tonight she would forget about work, and most of all, forget about Steve.

Screenshot-86Her dad came downstairs.

“Okay sorry bout that Steph I had an important call from work…Hey Olivia you wanna go pick up some DVD’s and a pizza?”

Screenshot-89“yeah!” Olivia smiled ear to ear.

Even when Stephanie had nowhere to go, Olivia often stayed at her granddad’s on friday nights. They both loved that time together.

Screenshot-97Stephanie gave Olivia a kiss. “Ill pick you up around noon, okay? I love you.”

“Bye mommy, have fun.”

Screenshot-98“Be safe Steph. don’t have too much fun, and you know what I mean.”

“daaad,” she said slightly annoyed. “I’ll be okay.”

Her Dad was still protective of her. That was his little girl, and always would be no matter how old. They had always been close, since her mother died when she was a little girl. It was just him, Stephanie, and her brother Michael.

“Okay I’m going now. Don’t worry.” She said while giving him an assuring hug.

Screenshot-90Stephanie felt bittersweet about this whole ordeal, she knew her dumb boyfriend Steve was going to blow up her phone but she vowed to herself and her friends she would just ignore it. Afterall, tonight was supposed to be drama free.

But, of corse, it never happens that way when planned. Steve was waiting for her in his parked car at Marissa’s house. She had packed all her things before work to avoid facing him, but he just couldnt make it easy on her.


Let’s just get this over with. She thought. They both got out of their cars.

“what the hell are you doing, Steph…huh?”

“what does it look like Im doing, Steven, I’m just trying to live a little, is that okay with you?”


“You never just not come home and dont tell me shit.”

Was her serious? “Oh you mean like you do? I can’t do this shit Steve, it’s too much for me. Besides it’s a bad example for Olivia.”

“She’s 6, she doesnt understand why we argue, and that her mother is stubborn, and doesnt know how to act.”


“are you kidding me? Look I am not going to do this right now. Not here in front of Marissa’s house. I wish you would just get it, I don’t want to be with you!” she blurted out. She felt as if she had reached her boiling point, enough was enough.

“I’d say 5 days out of the week you’re out partying and don’t come home at all, and who knows what you’re doing, Steve. I have put up with your shit for too long, and I’m done.”


“Fine, you know what, you do what you wanna do. I’m goin out tonight too, and I’m getting my shit out the house, okay? happy? You ain’t that fine anyway”

He stormed off, slammed his door and sped off.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. His little hissy fits were so mature. She had only wished he was for real this time, but that was very, very unlikely. As for Stephanie? She was so for real…


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Sunset Valley resembled a tranquil and exotic getaway, with aqua blue waters, white sand beaches, mild temperatures, and warm breezes.  For most people, it was a place for vacation and relaxation.


For Stephanie Calivari, it was anything but. She longed for that feeling of serenity. She longed to paint again, let her hair down, and take in the sea air.

Stephanie worked as a secretary at a law firm in the heart of Sunset Valley.  Sounds normal, sure not the most exciting of jobs, it paid the bills.  But her boss was sleazy, the other secretaries were jealous bitches and gave her dirty looks and spread rumors like wild fires. 

Screenshot-12Not to mention her boyfriend was of no support. He’s a mean spirited, childish party animal type, but for some reason Stephanie just couldn’t get away. It’s almost as if she was too busy to give a damn. Or just that–she didn’t really give a damn. She had been in this relationship for 3 years and the moment she came close to breaking things off with him, he gave her promises of love and happiness. But there was none of that.

He started out as just a rebound when the father of her child took off, and from there she felt like she needed him, and started to believe that maybe thats just the way that things were supposed to be. He became more and more like the annoying roommate that won’t leave, rather than her love interest. It was almost easier to just stay with the guy, then hear “but baby I need you” and “no other guy will want you”.

Screenshot-14 All she really had was her 6-year-old daughter, Olivia.  At only 22 years old, Steph was the most selfless and devoted mother to her child. She always came first, and made a promise to herself and her child that it would always be that way. Stephanie was Oliva’s best friend, and protective, loving mother at the same time.



Stephanie just needed some time to breath. A night out with her girl friends was just what she needed…perhaps it could present a twist of fate…

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